Orgins Edit

SgtSurfinByrd joined the helloclan community in Battlefield Vietnam in April of 2010. In 2011 ipoddog conviced him to join the minecraft community. Byrd has played on the original Hello Miners map, as well as the new map, both during and after the factions era.

The Old Map Edit

On the old map Byrd build a cobblestone house shaped like a trashcan in the suburbs of HelloClan City. Afterwards, he built a villa on a cliff in the far northern sections of the map. At some point, Byrd purchased the only complete village on the server, turning it into a town called Nullibi. The town was also known as Byrdtown to some. Byrd was also in the process of building a second unnamed town underground when the chunk errors crippled the server.

The New Map Edit

Byrd helped build some of the boardwalk for the new Helloclan City. Byrd formed one of the first peaceful factions during the factions era, and on the first day of the new server brought land and founded the Byrd Estate next to a spawner. However, Byrd left Hello Miners shortly after Soldier attacked his peaceful faction with TNT.

Byrd Returned to Hello Miners in December of 2014. By July of 2015 He had repaired the damage to mansion, and finally finished the estate. He currently resides at his estate and is constantly making improvements.