Bhoppy2 commonly known as Hoppy is a mod on the HC server.

Early DaysEdit

Hoppy joined in early Febuary of 2013. Immeadiatly he bought a plot for 400f, although later selling the plot. He got a job harvesting sugarcane for Fresh. He worked for a month doing this saving up to buy a bigger plot closer to warp city. He was quite a good worker,often filling the sugarcane double chest. Soon he had saved the 1.6k needed to buy the plot on the underpass. This is the location of the first underpass jnc store. Soon he started selling apartments and goods and further expanded to another location in the city.

Getting ModEdit

Many people often winder how to become a mod, the answer is to be patient and help new players. On April 3rd, Hoppy was modded, the fourth mod in the servers history. Soon after he bought a suburbs warp plot and sold underpass goods there. He then helped with the creation of valleycity where he bought sizable plots on the water for nice apartment views.